Implementation of a New Visualization Framework of Job Scheduling in Grid Computers

Job scheduling is one of important topic in grid computing field the goal of scheduling is that it achieves the highest possible level of productivity and the need for matching system application with the computing resources available. The proposed is an implementation for imagination to fish swarm, job dispatcher and Visualization gridsim to execute some jobs.


HKH:Helen Keller Heuristic,a Common Ground Scenario for Human-Robot Interaction

Lacking a common ground in Human-Robot Interaction is the main source of errors and miscommunications especially for remote exploration robotics. Advances in language and social psychology studies are the rescue, particularly the common ground theory. This paper reviews common ground theory, then it introduces a framework inspired by the miraculous history of Helen Keller. Then a case study is presented to investigate the proposed framework. Finally, the paper explores some potential future issues in the application of the proposed common ground approach in Human-Robot Interaction.


Genetic Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (GCOA)

In this paper, Optimization is considered as the main impact of insight problem and heuristic methods. A proposed method is represented by using two optimization algorithms; cuckoo optimization; is heuristic method and Genetic algorithm; is meta-heuristic method in order to increase the optimization level and speed of calculation as possible. The proposed methodology and technique still a subject for improvements and enhancements for increasing its speeding up more and more. The proposed method is applicable for many industrial fields, agricultural fields and other provided that having optimization problem; just reconfigure problem parameters and have good opportunity to optimize well the problem.